Consultancy Services

On this page you will find information on consultancy services including some examples of previous work.  This list is not exhaustive and most types of project can be undertaken, so please do not hesitate to email to discuss your specific requirements.

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You may wish to view the Expertise  page for further details of experience relevant to consultancy.

Organisational Development
Is your department, division or organisation stuck in a rut ? Do you believe real change is required to increase efficiency ? Keen to move forward but not sure how to go about it ? Do you need to re-organise to achieve budgetary efficiencies ? This bespoke consultancy service will provide you with an experienced and objective external perspective.

Most types of projects can be undertaken and, depending on the context and requirements, could typically include:

  • client liaison
  • desk based research
  • face-to-face interviews
  • focus groups
  • Survey - including design and data analysis (usually online)
  • report writing and presentation

Service/Programme Evaluation and Review
Evaluation and Review offers your organisation the opportunity to benefit from an experienced external perspective.  This service can include;

  • the identification of key aims, objectives and performance indicators
  • extensive desk based research 
  • evidence gathering including; face-to-face interviews, focus groups, email and telephone interviews
  • feedback analysis - service users, stakeholders etc
  • analysis of all evidence against objectives and performance indicators
  • production and presentation of a comprehensive evaluation report - with key findings and recommendations for future enhancement

Focus Group Management/External Feedback Analysis
This service offers your organisation the opportunity to out-source feedback and analysis functions.  Let an experienced consultant take care of developing your feedback questionnaires and/or analysing your feedback process.  This can offer you an experienced, impartial and external perspective on the feedback from your clients/visitors/students.

Education Programme/Visitor Programme/Event Design - this service offers you a comprehensive package for outsourcing the design of your education programmes/visitor programmes/events.  This can include; identification of aims and objectives and learning outcomes and marketing and publicity.   Programmes and events can be tailored to your specifications and the needs of your visitor (actual and potential) constituency including on-going - visitor programmes and one-off events.

Away Day Facilitation - Would your team benefit from some time-out in an external environment in order to review, re-evaluate and re-group to enhance future performance?  Then this could be the programme for you!  A full day programme can be developed in response to your specification enabling your team to; review aims and objectives, clarify purpose, increase awareness of opportunities, and develop future perspectives.

Mentor/Mentee Development
Mentoring can be a powerful tool in many educational areas from widening participation to professional development and provides a range of benefits for both mentees and mentors.  The extensive experience of Sue Carrette Training & Consutlancy, in this area can offer the following:

  • Mentor training
  • Mentee induction
  • Robust framework/policy development to support your scheme/service
  • Development recommendations

Invigilation -  suitable for all organisations undertaking assessment

The need to ensure a robust and secure assessment process, delivering consistently high quality services to students while simultaneously  releasing academic staff to focus on teaching and research, has led many higher education institutions to begin outsourcing examination invigilation.

Sue Carrette Consultancy can offer a complete outsourcing and training service including:

  • A full review and evaluation of your institution's current position and requirements
  • Recommendations on an appropriate assessment staffing structure - including the use of Senior Invigilators, Invigilators, Attendants and Chief Invigilators
  • Recommendations on the recruitment, employment and management of contract invigilation staff - including advertising and selection
  • A full training service - tailored to your institution's regulations and policies, and including a range of case studies based on real scenarios. A typical training programme will be a three and half hour half-day event designed to empower contract staff to deal safely and confidently with a range of situations.  Click here  to see a training programme.
  • A post assessment service evaluation and review

Institutions are welcome to commission the whole outsourcing service as described above, or specific elements of the service, as appropriate.  In particular if your institution has already employed contract invigilators you may wish to comission the training package only.

Similarly, if as an institution you have already employed and trained contract staff in-house - you may wish to commission an external review of your service.

Programme/Service Development
If your organisation is looking to develop a new programme or service or to enhance existing provision, this service can offer a valuable external contribution including: identification of appropriate aims and outcomes, content identification and management, policy and regulation development, assessment mechanisms, and service standards.

Bespoke Documentation
This service enables you to effectively outsource the time consuming drafting of documentation and to benefit from both an external perspective and considerable experience in the field.  Most forms of documentation can be developed in this way including: course/programme handbooks, definitive documents, service descriptions and validation documents.


Commissioning Details

Fees for consultancy services will normally be based on a daily rate and will vary according to the nature and likely duration of the project/contract.   Please contact Sue Carrette Consultancy at for further details.

All consultancy projects will be subject to a formal contract agreed and signed by both parties.