Reflection, Review and Re-Invention ©

This page provides an introduction to our Reflection, 'Review and Re-invention' programmes.

On this page you will find:

  • An introduction to the 'Reflection, Review and Re-invention' programmes
  • Target audience
  • Learning outcomes
  • Details of the programme formats available e.g. full day, half-days etc

 An Introduction to the Reflection, Review and Re-invention© Programmes

These programmes provide participants with a unique opportunity to reflect upon their current career position, shape future aspirations and goals and offer innovative approaches to acquiring useful skills and experience for meaningful progression - both personally and professionally. 

A number of organisations have regularly commissioned this programme as part of their in-house staff development programme to facilitate individual career development in the context of organisational goals.

Target Audience 

This programme is suitable for staff in all sectors and is likely to be beneficial to professionals who:

  • wish to review their current career position and/or its' future direction
  • wish to acquire an increased awareness of the potential opportunities open to them within their own organisation and within their industry/sector in general
  • are seeking a structured environment in which to reflect and plan
  • aim to acquire an understanding of the tools/skills required to achieve a step change in their career situation

All events include significant components of 'reflection, review and re-invention', however different versions of the programme are currently available as follows:

Programme 1 - Emphasis on Re-invention

This programme follows the standard 'Reflection, Review and Re-invention' format - with a slightly greater emphasis on 're-invention' - and includes work on CVs, interviews and interviews and interview feedback (but does not include consideration of the impact of the 'Professional Footprint' ©)

Programme 2 - Emphasis on Reflection

This programme follows the standard 'Reflection, Review and Re-invention' format - with a slightly greater emphasis on 'reflection' covering these issues in more depth.  Within the re-invention element participants are encouraged to undertake an examination of the impact of their Professional Footprint © (this programme does not include any work on CVs or interviews)

Click here to download a sample programme 

Reflection, Review and Re-invention © - Learning Outcomes

All programmes aim to deliver the following outcomes:

Enabling participants to:

  • reflect on their own career position and their strengths and weaknesses
  • be aware of the 'opportunities' and 'threats' present, and potentially present in their current situation
  • view the 'big picture' in terms of work-life balance issues
  • be aware of their individual motivation factors and begin the process of setting future goals
  • start to identify 'gaps' in their skills and experience which would need to be addressed in order to achieve their aspirations
  • be aware of a range of potential options for gaining professional experience both within and beyond their immediate role
  • identify a number of practical steps they can take to enhance their professional experience relevant to their professional goal(s)
  • be aware of the range of methods available for positively and appropriately presenting their skills and experience
  • have an understanding of the role of positive presentation in achieving goals

 Reflection, Review and Re-invention © - Programme Formats

All versions of the Reflection, Review and Re-invention programme are offered in two different formats as follows:

  • Full one day programme
  • Two (interlinked) half day programmes - these events deliver the the programme content in two separate, but linked half days - so facilitating additional time for participants to undertake their own reflection and planning between the two events