Invigilator Training


This programme was designed from the perspective that high quality and robust invigilation is an integral part of the overall 'student service' package which students have a right to expect from their education institution.

Invigilator Training is normally offered as a Half-Day programme which is designed to equip Invigilators and Senior Invigilators with the necessary skills to respond to, and deal with, a wide range of incidents and situations both calmly and consistently.  The programme will be appropriately adapted to meet the requirements of the regulations and procedures of the client organisation.  In addition to the 'information' aspects of the programme, participants will be required to address and complete a wide range of Case Studies based on real assessment situations - which again can be specifically tailored to the needs of your institution.  The programme can also be commissioned as a 'refresher' for previously trained invigilators.

Click here to download a sample Invigilator Training Programme

Invigilator Training can also be delivered through one-to-one tuition.  Arrangements and prices for this service vary according to client requirement and location.  Please contact us for further details.

Invigilator Training is suitable for:

  • Universities
  • University Colleges
  • Professional Bodies
  • Corporate Assessment Centres 
  • Further Education Colleges
  • Schools
  • Business organisations

Sue Carrette has over 15 years experience in training Invigilators - both in-house Invigilators drawn from staff - and (external) contract Invigilators.  Sue continues to be involved in invigilation and assessment - through work for the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), the Open University, and  the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)

 Learning Outcomes

This programme is designed to enable participants to gain:

  • An understanding of the context of assessment and the scope of of the assessment operation in the client institution
  • An appreciation of the range of staff involved
  • An understanding of the role and the range of responsibilities required
  • Experience of Case Studies based on real assessment incidents
  • The confidence to deal with a wide range of circumstances and situations  - calmly
  • An understanding of when (and where) to seek help and advice


Standard Programme - Half Day

Session One
This session provides context introducing participants to the size and nature of the assessment operation in the relevant organisation

Sesson Two
Sesson Two introduces participants to the various personnel involved in the assessment process throughout and the potential interaction between roles.  This aspect also covers in detail; the role of the Invigilator, the Senior Invigilator, Attendants/Assistants.

Session Three
Students with Special Arrangements
This session covers invigilation issues for candidates who are granted special examination arrangements as a result of a medical, or other certified need.

Session Four
What to look out for
Session Four details what to look out for during the examination process including; any prohibited materials, unauthorised communication - both verbal and non-verbal and unusual and/or persistent behaviour types.  The issue of permitted and prohibited materials is covered in detail.

Session Five
Do's and Don'ts and Contacts
Session Five covers the key 'dos' and don'ts of successful assessment invigilation and first points of contact for Invigilators and Senior Invigilators

Session Six
Case Studies
This is a very interactive session,usually based around 6 different Case Studies - each with two or more contrasting scenarios.  All case studies are based on real assessment situations and can be tailored to the requirements of any organisation's assessment regulations.  Participants work through case studies in pairs/groups and are invited to contribute to discussion.

Session Seven
This session will sumarise key points and answer any outstanding questions that participants may have.

Booking Details

Maximum number - 20
Minimum number - 4

Standard Fee
Single Half Day Programme                                  -  £395
Full day (Half Day Programme repeated)             -   £700

Fee Includes:

  • all discussion, development meetings and correspondence
  • all programme amendments
  • all handouts and materials on the day

Fee does not include:

  • travel
  • overnight accommodation - as necessary
  • subsistence